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Want to know how to program your BeagleBone? You've come to the right place!

Tracking a Ball with openCV

This BeagleBone code tracks the ball with openCV, then follows the ball by rotating the robot head's neck servos accordingly.

BeagleBone Line Following Bot with openCV

Learn how to build a line following robot with the BeagleBone that uses openCV.

Using the BeagleBone with the roboRIO

Learn how to use UDP to connect your BeagleBone with the roboRIO. This project is brought to you by team #3641 The Flying Toasters.


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Using SSH with X

Want to learn how to set up your computer to SSH into the BeagleBone, or be able to view BeagleBone windows on your computer through SSH?


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Making your BeagleBone Speak

Learn how to use Flite, a text-to-speech program, to make your BeagleBone speak.

Face Detection with openCV

Learn how to track a face with the BeagleBone using openCV.

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BeagleBone Cookbook Video Tutorials

Video tutorials from the BeagleBone Cookbook.


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